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All-on-4 is a prosthodontics procedure that allows the full rehabilitation of a patient’s dental arch. With All-on-4 denture implants, a full set of teeth is supported by four dental implants.

Who is this for?

  • Patients who have no teeth
  • Patients with badly broken down or decayed teeth
  • Patients with compromised teeth due to gum disease
  • Individuals with reduced bone density who cannot undergo a bone grafting procedure

Eat all foods freely without any restrictions!
Created with convenience while stability in mind, All on 4/All on 6 oral implants will not limit your diet like conventional removable dentures. After the all on six/all on four treatment, you can consume all kinds of foods that may cause problems in your removable prosthesis, such as meat, fish, nuts, and hot soup.

Very easy to clean You can continue your life with routine oral hygiene care recommendations as with your natural teeth. Prevents bone loss In the all on four/all on six method, bone resorption seen in removable prostheses or bridge porcelain designs is not seen and is prevented.

What are

All-on-4 dentalimplants?

All-on-4 dental implants have been specifically designed and developed to allow dentists to replace teeth with fewer implants than conventional dental implants. The overall procedure is less intrusive and less expensive.

All-on-4 are fitted with four implants per jaw. These four implants are placed and will then support 12 custom-made crowns. In some cases, five or six implants may be needed to counteract lower bone density. All-on-4 consist of a gum-coloured acrylic base to resemble gum tissues, while crowns can be made of zirconia or porcelain.

All-on-4 dental implants are fitted at a 30 to 45-degree angle rather than vertically as regular dental implants. Angled fitting increases the strength of the implant. It also allows individuals with jaw bone loss to have implants fitted without the need for expensive and time-consuming bone grafts.

Benefits of All-on-4

All-on-4 implants, often referred to as ‘teeth in a day’, offer an almost instant solution. Unlike traditional implants, where the healing process after bone graft can take up to six months, temporary teeth can be glued immediately after the implants are placed. Thus, by skipping the healing process of the bone graft, permanent teeth can be inserted 2 months later.

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Lifetime use

In the concept of all on four and all on six, which we meticulously performed by oral surgeons, it is possible for our patients to use it for life as long as they follow oral hygiene care recommendations.No need to replace often like with dentures.

Saves you time and money

In all on four and all on six concepts, all implants are placed in the jawbone in one day and patients do not spend more time in the dentist’s chair than necessary. Time is money while All on 4/ All on 6 saves you both over time.

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