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Zirconium Crowns


Zirconium crown is a tooth and gum friendly material that provides better results technologically and visually in dental treatments applied in recent years. In recent years, zirconium teeth is preferred in prostheses and porcelain infrastructure due to its white colour, transparent and light transmission properties. We can make zirconim crown, which we frequently use as the infrastructure of dental implants at a very affordable price in Turkey compared to Europe and UK. Zirconium crown is a substructure material that is compatible with the tissues, does not cause discoloration on the gums, and allows the tooth’s aesthetic appearance to be more easily achieved.

Who is suitable for Zirconium Crowns?

Zirconium coating is applied to people who have completed their jaw and tooth development. It is suggested for individuals who are in developmental age to wait until they complete their development.

zirconium crowns
What Is

Zirconium Crown?

Zirconium; is a substructure material that does not have metal support, has a white colour and light transmittance, and can provide a high-level aesthetic appearance. In recent years, zirconium-supported porcelains have started to be used more as an alternative to metal-supported porcelains. That is because; Zirconium’s white colour is due to its ability to provide the closest appearance to the natural tooth aesthetically and be more compatible with the body’s tissues. It is a treatment applied by abrading all around the teeth. This erosion may increase or decrease depending on the condition of the tooth to be plated. Zirconia crown can be applied to the front teeth, but it is more frequently applied to the posterior teeth.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Treatment?
  • Zirconium dental veneer is the most preferred aesthetic dental treatment method by dentists. The advantages of this aesthetic treatment are as follows;
  • It gives the patient an aesthetic smile.
  • It offers the closest option to the existing tooth color.
  • Since it does not contain metal, it does not cause allergies in the human body.
  • Since it is compatible with the tooth tissue, it does not cause bruising or discoloration on the gingiva.
  • No gingiva recession problem is encountered.
  • When zirconium crowns need replacement, they can be replaced without damaging the underlying tooth.
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Who is suitable for Hollywood Smile?
  • Those with crowding teeth or pattern disorders,
  • Those with irregular gums,
  • Those with irregular tooth sizes,
  • Those with abnormal staining or discoloration on their teeth,
  • Those who have lost teeth and missing teeth,
are suitable for smile design treatment. You should consult a dentist for smile design treatment. Smile design treatment is a set of treatments with multiple stages and procedures that the dentist should plan based on the patient’s condition.
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After Before
Dental Care After Hollywood Smile

After getting hollywood smile turkey treatment, taking care of oral hygiene and dental care provide you use them longer. According to the material used, you should take attention of your oral hygiene and follow the diet rules if dentist recommends

Sometimes, dentists do pulpectomy on primary or milk teeth. In such cases, the pulp is replaced with resorbable material. This is the recommended course of action for irreversible pulpitis on redicular and coronal pulp as well as primary molars that are abscessed.

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