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Laminate Veneer


Laminate Veneer means leaf veneer in Latin. In the treatment of lamina veneer, a thin layer of veneer is applied on the healthy tooth. It is the most protective prosthesis application since it requires the least amount of teeth rasping. Furthermore, because of its translucent nature, natural tooth color can be preserved. Lamina tooth veneer has a solid structure and does not deteriorate in color. Who is suitable for Laminate Veneers? Laminate veneer treatment is applied to aesthetically impaired teeth. Alternatively, laminate veneer can be applied when no results are obtained from the teeth whitening process. However, it is applied to correct crooked teeth and to close tooth gaps. In order to perform laminate veneer treatment, precise mouth and tooth measurements should be taken by the dentist. After the measurements are taken, the suitability of the treatment is decided.

Lamina veneer
What Exactly Is

Laminate Veneers?

Since Lamina veneers require minimal preparation, they are a more protective method than other restoration options. There is no metal gray reflection around the gum line and the tooth-to-gum junction creates a wonderful harmony. You may have broken, crooked, discolored or deformed teeth for various reasons, in these cases laminate veneers may be preferred for aesthetic and natural results. Our ultra-thin laminates are applied with a smile design and a fine handicraft supported by high technologies.

How is Laminate Veneer Applied?

Laminate Veneer application, known as porcelain laminate, is a preferred method to give the person an aesthetic appearance. There are questions about the application of laminated sheets.

What are the advantages of laminate veneer?
  • It is durable and can be used for many years as long as necessary care is taken.
  • Natural tooth appearance is acquired due to its transparent feature.
  • It requires minimal rasping on robust tooth. In this way, the robust tooth does not need to be reduced.
  • Its color does not change and is solid.
  • It has a smooth structure.

Treatment Time

Treatment time duration allow 4-5 days in Türkiye. The first stage of your treatment begins with the evaluation of your teeth, smile line, face and personal expectations, and then proceeding to the cutting process. After the measurement, our design process starts quickly with our ceramists. After 4-5 days, trials and arrangements are carried out. After polishing the laminates within 2 days, these restorations are placed by your doctor. Extra thin and strong

Minimal tooth cut

Maximum aesthetic

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What is the lifetime of Laminate veneers?

Lamina veneers can be used for life as long as oral hygiene and care recommendations are followed.

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